Thursday, July 17, 2008

A list

Things I should do today
  • dishes (I have no bowls left and no spoons. Can you tell I only eat cereal?)
  • mow back lawn
  • deal with 4 foot weeds in back lawn
  • play with dogs
  • tidy kitchen
  • go to gym
  • laundry

Things I am doing today

  • reading emails
  • checking blogs
  • playing solitaire
  • eating cereal out of an old bowl with a serving spoon
  • hiding in the dark
  • contemplating a nap
  • avoiding work


  1. The bowls and spoons always dirty first in our house too.

  2. Okay you thong wearer LOL! Your day sounds exactly like mine! I took one look at my sink and came and sat at computer! I did mow on Monday and you know it's ready to mow again...good grief. It can wait...I have blogs to READ!!

    I love your sense of humor :)

  3. I never have enough silverware. They need to start selling servings for 50...that way we dont have to wash them all the time.


  4. Don't you mean "bowels"? ;)

  5. At least you have a list. That's kinda like a plan. Goals met and all that.

  6. I get them all but why "hiding in the dark?" Are you freakishly disfigured and scared to face your mailman?

    Hallie :)

  7. Yes, she looks like her father.

  8. Substitute "cereal" with "leftover curry" and we are doing the exact same things! Naps = awesome.

  9. If I could I would live on cold cereal and Starbucks. Oh, and an occasional pizza.


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