Friday, July 04, 2008

I have a four letter word for you, sister.

I have ranted about people I've played Scrabble with before. Some people have no ethics when they play and it drives me insane.

Tonight, I was playing Scrabble with a stranger online. Yes, I am aware I'm a loser. Get over it. Few people will play with me in real life and none of them are available on demand. We were playing a friendly game, nothing cut throat. We were playing pretty equally so I wasn't stressing. Until the last move...

I was ahead by about 25 or so. She had 7 letters left and I had 3. After a few false starts, she lays all 7 letters down. Randomly. Not making a word of any kind. QTLNEEM onto an S. Because it was the last of her letters, the computer automatically awarded her the game, the points and adjusted our ratings. And then she left. Before I could say or do anything but try and pick my jaw up off the floor.

Now, I don't mind losing. I mean, I hate it, but I do it. Quite often. But if I don't have to lose and I don't deserve to lose, I am livid. And I am furious with this girl.

Who does that? What kind of person plays decently the whole game only to cheat at the very end? And then creep away like the snaky little eel they are?? Are you going to teach your children that kind of sportsmanship???? If you get bored, just give up and screw things up as badly as possible for everyone else.

To me, that's the equivalent to swiping your arm across the board and throwing all the pieces onto the floor before you stomp away.


  1. Oh, sweet whatever, I am mad just hearing about it.

    Were you on ISC, because that wouldn't usually work there.

    I want to go kick her for you.

  2. You seriously need to find her. Hunt her down. I mean really...Aren't there enough cheaters in this world?
    You can do it. I have faith you can find her.


  3. I sort of want to do that now...
    I'll play scrabble with you! I really won't do that, I promise.

  4. I'll play with you!


    I didn't know you could DO that....

  5. Schmutzie: I wasn't on ISC. I was on Pogo. They just added the game and I thought it would be fun.

    Peace #2: I did hunt her down. And filed a complaint. And sent her a message.

    NotQuite: I don't trust you now!!

    Daysgoby: I am "Bronwyn" on ISC and "bronwynh_" on Pogo. I also have a Facebook account where I play. See? Loser. (me, not you)

  6. Yep, I'd be totally livid too. I mean, what ever happened to fairness and honesty and decency anyway? I don't think I'm THAT old, but most of the people I know would never do something like this - it's just not acceptable behavior!! hackles are up just thinking about it.

  7. Hello, long time lurker here...

    How can cheaters live with themselves. I hope her pants catch fire. That will teach her!

  8. This is why on Pogo, I play alone!!

    How unfair of this loon...ARGH!


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