Sunday, July 06, 2008

And we're off!

The start of summer has come in with a bang and shows no sign of slowing down. Here is what has been and is to come:
  • Last weekend was a wedding of my cousin.

  • Followed the next day by moving the youngest of our sibling group into the Spinster home.

  • This weekend held another wedding of two of our good friends on Saturday.

  • Today was the baptism of a cutey patootey baby belonging to another set of good friends.

  • Monday, I take The Guy to church camp for the first time to meet 500 of my closest friends and relatives. He leaves Wednesday and I get to stay all week.

  • The next weekend is another wedding. (Yes, everyone I know IS getting married. Thank you for asking. No, it's not me or my sisters. Drop dead.)

  • Then, we pack up Middle Sister Ky to travel to Victoria.

  • Then we fly home, to pack up Youngest Sister Lyn to go to Edmonton.

  • Then I collapse in a heap and die.

The most fun of this is the dog sitter I thought I had arranged, has not returned any of my inquiries since assuring me she would be willing to dog sit for most of the summer. So, now is my scrambling to find someone to care for my beasts of burden. Sigh.

I never thought I would look so forward to winter.


  1. Wow, that sounds like a crazy week. I feel your pain with the "everyone I know is getting married and it's not me" thing... so lame. Good luck with the dogsitter. I'd do it for you if I lived in Canada. :)

  2. Hey, if you still need someone, and if it's just feeding and walking, I can do it. Let me know!

  3. You will be on a fabulous whirlwind vacation...and wedding party...and camp out.
    have fun!


  4. You need a dog sitter for the WHOLE summer? Or did I miss read that? Damn. If I live anywhere near you, I"ll do it. Seriously.

  5. I wish I could help you out with the pups, but we're a little too geographically separated for that! Oh well, I wish you fun on all your gad-abouts, and don't worry for a second about everybody getting married but you. Trust me on this one, it's not all it's cracked up to be. HA!

  6. Love the thought of lazy summer days, but they never seem to materialize.

    Oh, and I'm waiting for a call back from the kennel too (either that or George is taking a road trip with me).

  7. I've been wondering something for a while. There is a man who blogs and he has his childhood picture, just as you do, and you could be brother and sister! I know you're not, but you should see this and see what you, and your readers, think:

  8. Hey, that's our dad! Well spotted, dana wyzard.


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