Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That's a hanging offense in my town

Sometimes, when my dogs are particularly annoying or do something horrendous, I have to remember why I loved them in the first place. Today is one of those days.

Madison sleeping in her little bed.

Madison. She is evil. I have mentioned that in the past, but tonight, she has proved it.

It is no secret I have a thing for chocolate. I keep it hidden around the house, so if I need it, it is there. Tonight, I brought home Aero bars. Even on the diet (which is no longer from HELL, but moved to Humbolt - three miles before hell.) I can fit chocolate into my schedule. So I do. At every chance I can.

But I digress. I ate 1/2 an Aero tonight. I planned to eat the other half at work tomorrow or the next day. I wrapped it up in the foil and set it on top of the microwave (my catch all spot) until I needed it. Then, I left the room to get something. That was my first mistake.

I heard a crinkle a few moments later. There is something very distinct about the crinkle from foil. I knew there was something amiss in the Spinster household. I ran into the room to find Madison nosed into a corner munching something as fast as she could. I was too late. Open on the floor was the wrapper from my Aero. Not a drop of chocolate was to be found. Maddy ran from the room to avoid my wrath. I was furious and completely taken aback she had been able to reach the microwave. Then I realized what she had done.

She had climbed onto the back of the easy chair in the living room, jumped onto the kitchen counter and from there had easy access to the microwave. I had to be impressed with her initiative. She also had unwrapped the chocolate without tearing or wrinkling the foil it was in.

Even though I was impressed, I still haven't forgiven her.


  1. Isn't chocolate poisonous to dogs and can kill them? No joke, I have heard this before.

  2. I think she should be awarded with ANOTHER candy bar! That little doggie has the brains of Bill Gates!! She sees what she wants and she knows how to get it.

    And, NO. Regular chocolate will not hurt a dog in a small, accidental ammount. It is dark BAKERS chocolate that will kill them.

  3. Wow. That was smart actually.
    I have also heard that it is only good quality chocolate(like bakers chocolate)that can harm a dog. Or if they eat, like, 800 chocolate bars. I wouldn't want to test out that theory though, just in case.

  4. Serves you right for eating HALF a chocolate bar, unless it was 500 gms. Davey Dog survived a pan of chocolate brownies as I recall but suffered horribly from eating an entire Pizza Hut extra large pizza

  5. And these are the same furry beasts that look at you with that bewildered expression when you give them a basic command. I swear they just play dumb. They are *way* smarter than they let on.

  6. Bad Madison!! That was Sammie's demise..chocolate Easter Eggs. She ate a whole chocolate bar before but the Easter Eggs did her in!


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