Wednesday, June 04, 2008

S&TC nightcap recap

The movie was awesome. There were 10 men in the fully jam-packed theatre. 10 of them. Dragged to the theatre by girlfriends and wives with obviously more pull than I have. Or, more to bribe them with. However, all 10 men enjoyed it too. I heard more than one laugh-out-loud moment from a definitely masculine voice.

I laughed, I cried, I ate half a family sized bag of M&Ms. It was great.

I do have one small criticism. Some of Carrie's clothes made me cringe. Mainly these four:

  1. The cream coloured dress in the first scene. There is a flower on her shoulder so large it looks as though it will jump out and eat the first tasty person it sees.
  2. Her wedding outfit. The dress was gorgeous. It was the poor bird that flew into the side of her head on her way out the door I found distracting.
  3. One jacket she is wearing that looks as though she pulled a "Von Trap" and made it out of some old lady's curtains. Rod and hooks in all.
  4. The ensemble she wore running from her apartment to Miranda's on New Years Eve. Pajama pants and long shirt. Ballerina slip chemise with spaghetti straps over the long sleeved shirt. A full length fur jacket. Dinner gloves. 80's style ankle boots. And... a metallic silver toque. All in all, she looked like a homeless woman with mental health issues who was wearing a tinfoil hat to keep the aliens from reading her mind.

Even with that, I am buying the movie the second it hits the shelves. And I will be going to see it again. Probably alone in the afternoon so I can cry with abandon.


  1. Now I really *really* can't wait to see it. 9 more days...

  2. Ooh - seeing it on Saturday night< I can't wait! Adn I'll be sure to check out the dresses.


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