Monday, June 09, 2008

Bathing beauty

Today, my new bathtub is being installed. I ordered it a month or so ago and it is finally being put in place. I am so excited, I can hardly wait to throw my clothes to the wind and try it out. I'm trying to control myself while the plumber tech is still here.

The old bathtub was less than a foot deep - difficult to use unless you are a child or a dog. The shower head had previously needed replacing, so we were holding the new one in place with two elastic hairbands and some fancy arranging. The walls of the shower were caving in and in places separated from the wall. Clear signs of mold were showing up. The taps leaked, the tub was rusted and the drain didn't work well. I sucked it up and saved as much money as I could (read: Income Tax Refund) and placed the order for a brand new deep tub, new surround, new shower head and new taps.

The plumbing guy arrived today and the dogs went nuts as they normally do. The pups settled down rather quickly (surprised the heck out of me) but Madison was still barking a while later. As I was leading the tech to the bathroom, I told him I would show him what I found when I removed the old surround. Maddy barked non-stop as we headed down the hall. I stopped mid-sentence and said "I am going to spank you!"

Suddenly, I realized what I had said and how it may have been construed. I looked at the tech and said, "Sorry, I don't mean you."

I got nothing. Not even a guffaw. Humour was not a prerequisite for this job, I think.


  1. People with no sense of humor constantly amaze me. It is like talking to a corpse. You can pratically SEE the flat line!

  2. Maybe he was still so stunned by what you said that he couldn't respond? LOL!

  3. Since his butt crack is on display most of the day, he's probably a little bit sensitive to any remarks about his backside.


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