Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wait, I'm not jaded?

In front of a dilapidated rental house down the street from us, there is a sidewalk covered in chalk drawings. The drawings are obviously done by a young male around age 8.

The young boy drew many things that young boys do. He wrote his phone number on one panel of concrete. (His mother will be thrilled at the increase in crank calls, I am sure.) He even did a portrait of Strong Bad which impressed Ky greatly.

There was one section, however, that caused Ky and I a bit of confusion. At first glance, I thought it was a father and son enjoying a pizza. Ky said it looked like someone in between two guys holding a gun. I scoffed at Ky's assumption the children of today would draw something so violent. We were in a hurry that day though so we did not stop to examine it further.

Yesterday, I examined it further. Ky was right.

On the right is a young boy. On the left is a taller male whom I would suggest is the father (but what do I know?) In the middle is a short male with a gun trained on the male to the right and a knife jammed into the crotch of the male on the left. It is definitely (despite the fact the centre offender has a very round and flat head) not a picture of a family enjoying a pizza. In fact, I think this kid has more problems than can be dealt with in one after school special.

I found the picture quite disturbing. What I found most disturbing though is that I did not spot it. I work in a field that, by now, should have sapped every ounce of innocence from my soul. And yet, I saw pizza.* Ky - who should be the type of person to see rainbows and puppies - is the one who noticed the gruesomeness of the picture.

I think a few things need to happen now this has come to light. I need to get my glasses prescription checked. And figure out how I'm now, apparently, an optimist. Ky needs to start watching Care Bears and getting more hugs. And this kid? The kid needs to be tested for other serial killer tendencies. I hope he doesn't have any pets.

*I deny the fact that I saw pizza has anything to do with the fact I would beat down an old lady for something that had carbs in it.

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