Thursday, May 01, 2008

How did you know???

The other night, The Guy and I were hanging out at his place watching a movie. I was fiddling with a tag on the couch and accidentally ripped it off. I held it in my hand for awhile, playing with the material worn soft by time and many butts and contemplated what I would do with it. I pondered it and rolled it in my fingers and got an idea. A devious idea.

Without turning to look at me, The Guy said, "You're going to put that up my nose, aren't you?"


  1. I totally would have donw the same thing - of course that could account for why Scott won't sit on the couch with me.

  2. I usually tend to go for the ear. But the nose is good too.

  3. Excellent...

  4. When you were a wee girl, you found a button. Mom said don't put it in your mouth. I said no stick it up your nose. You did. We had to go to emergency to get it out. Didn't you understand sarcasm when you hear it?


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