Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What am I doing hangin' round?

I don't feel like going to bed. I guess that's a good thing being that I start nights tomorrow (well, today now) and should be trying to get back to a schedule. I have been more productive this week than I have since.... um.... June. Well, good to know it only takes a year or so to get the fire under my butt going. Mind you, being "more productive" essentially means being productive at all and not spending 6 hours a day (or thereabouts, who can remember?) watching Monarch of the Glen.

I have made a list and even started crossing things off of it. It's very exciting and fills me with glee. Every time I cross something off, I think "Take that sucker". Sometimes if I'm really annoyed I just write my sister's name and cross it off out of spite. Doesn't do anything, but it makes me feel vindicated.

I have finally organized my paperwork to do my taxes. Yes, I should have done them months ago, but I don't have to pay the government so they don't give a flying rats caboose when I do them. I am very much looking forward to my return, but also well aware I have spent it about 7 times over. Ah the joys of having no skills with money. "What is money? It's just tiny bits of paper that float in and out of our lives." (I'm paraphrasing that quote because I am too tired to look it up, but there was a time I could quote that whole movie by heart. Cyber kisses to whoever knows it - unless you've watched it with me at any given time.)

And here I am wasting time while my life passes me by. I should do something useful, but really, I've burned myself out by being all Miss-Getting-Things-Done. I'm taking a break. May should be enough.

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  1. Man, I totally know it but we've watched it together like, 100 times. I'll leave it for someone who hasn't watched it with you.


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