Saturday, April 26, 2008

Love in the workplace

Occasionally, it works out that I can talk to The Guy online when I am at work. In down times, I can log on and chat with him. This helps since our schedules are as opposite as they can get. This week, I work 10pm to 8am. He works 8am to 5pm. I go to the gym at 6pm, have a nap from 7-9 and the day is done. So, we steal a brief half hour here and there to say hi and remind each other we still exist and do, in fact, like one another.

When I came into work last night, my team leader, Twoonie Tuesday, was sitting at the computer terminal where I usually work. He turned when I came in and said, "I think this was meant for you."

I looked at the screen he was gesturing towards. The program The Guy and I use to chat through had somehow logged me on when I wasn't there. Unintentionally, The Guy had written to my boss, "Hey there sexy lady."

I died of embarrassment right there and got online to explain to The Guy what had happened. I apologized fiercely to my boss.

He replied, "I think there is something you need to know about me and your boyfriend..."

I may never hear the end of the ribbing on this one.


  1. Hee! Technology makes relationships so complicated. :)

  2. my work has managed to firewall all chat programs. they even recently detected google mail chat. the bastards.

    at least your boss was cool about it.
    or... was it simply coolness? i dunno.


  3. You're boss was good on this. Cold silence or a long lecture on the correct use of email at work would have been WAY worse!


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