Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I hate my dog

I have lamented before about Montel and his bell ringing.* Tonight he has reached a new low.

I was comfortably settled in bed, playing on the Internet and minding my own business, when the bells started to chime. He hit them not once, not twice but thrice. I finally dragged my lazy butt out to see what he wanted and opened the back door. He didn't go out. He waited. For Vicki.
He banged on the bells to find out where Vicki was.

I am going to kill him.

Montel. Feigning innocence.

*Every time I think of bell ringers, I think of the Special Ed group who used to perform every year at the Christmas concert. So, to me, bell ringing equals just a little bit challenged.


  1. Hey wait, I used to play the bells at my Christmas concert...No wonder I was always ahead of the class! I had thought I'd just found my calling.

  2. I always wondered about you.

  3. I miss Monty. He's so sweet.


Crap monkies say "what?"