Friday, April 04, 2008

82 x365: Tom

Tall, skinny, floppy brown hair falling into his eyes. Big glasses, bad clothes and incredible musical talent. What's not to love? Unfortunately, my best friend thought the same thing.

One Valentine's Day, we tried to out do each other in giving him the best card. I spent many hours creating the greatest card I could come up with - considering I had some red paper, a white doily and sparkles. I put all the heart and soul into that card that a 9 year old girl can muster. And I shyly put it on his desk when no one was looking.

She gave him a two foot tall card in the shape of a clown. I couldn't compete with that.


  1. You couldn't compete with crass commercialism that someone's parent paid for? Good for you!

    Have you ever found out how he turned out as a grown-up?

  2. Back in the day I found Spiderman Valentine's cards that read: "My Spidey Sense tingles for you". That would have rocked his socks.

  3. KB: No, I haven't. Not since high school. For the most part, I don't care what any of these people are doing now.

    Janny: That totally would have done it! Oh, if I could go back in time.


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