Friday, March 28, 2008

Vicious mutt

We have a few issues when encountering other dogs on the walk. Mainly that our dogs are insane and hate all other creatures. So, meeting one out in public within spitting distance causes all manners of problems.

We have been working with Montel (who tends to be the angriest at the intrusion of our personal space). We have him sit down and calmly wait for the other dogs to pass by. This works if there are a few other things in place. First, we need to be able to quickly separate Vicki from Montel (or they fight). Second, Vicki and Madison must not go crazy at seeing the other dog. If anything disturbs this delicate balance, all goes to hell in a handbag.

Today, we had to test this training. Twice. The first time, I managed to see the dogs just at the end of the street about a block away. I got Montel to sit (with some reluctance) and held onto Vicki and Madison with all my might. Montel shook with indignation as the two largest Rottweilers passed our way and then we carried on.

The next time I wasn't as lucky. I found myself within three feet of two dogs. I had enough time to scoop up Montel into one arm and drag the other two as they strained and pulled. Vicki tried with all her might to reach up to bite Monty in my arms. She caught my bum more often than anything else. I managed to get everyone to the safety of the other sidewalk. Suddenly, Montel was ripped from my arm. Vicki had finally caught a hold of his tail.

I could still hear the man laughing a block later as I tried to untangle myself from the leashes.


  1. Oh Bronwyn, I love your blog. I'm so happy to be reading it again. And I'd like to see you sometime soon-ish. Would that be ok?

  2. Ari! I have missed you. When you are in the city sometime give me a call. I would love to see you!!


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