Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today I was out in the backyard with the dogs. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but turned out to be much colder than I thought. It is amazing how deceitful the weather can be at this time of year. It looks so sunny and lovely until you step out the door and get knocked on your butt by a gale force wind. But I digress.

I went out to the backyard to pick poop. It's much like picking flowers but with a less pleasant aroma. The problem with winter is two fold - one, the poop contrasts very well with the white snow and thus means you cannot avoid looking at the poop for very long, and two, the poop is frozen into the ground and thus requires a lot more work to dispose of. I use a garden trowel. I mean, I'm not going to garden with it so it might as well be used for something.

While I was out completing this heinous task, the dogs played amongst themselves. Maddy brought her ball and dumped it at my feet so I would be distracted enough to realize I was not paying attention to her. Montel stood far enough away from Maddy that he would have a better chance of catching the ball if I did happen to throw it as he would have a head start. And Vicki. Well, Vicki went straight to the fence and dug as though she was attempting to escape from prison. I am pretty sure she is going to dig a hole under the fence into Jason's yard and made a break for it.

Vicki must have been digging for 10 minutes or so when I realized she was trying to unearth something. Digging, scratching and biting at something that seemed embedded in the snow. Curious, I wandered over to see what she was so desperate to get her hand (er, paws) on. There it was. Barely peeking out of the snow. The tip of a stuffed duck's head.

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  1. In your yard? Is this something you previously buried, or was is a relic from some former tenant? :)


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