Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Playing dress up

When we get ready to go to church during a retreat like this weekend, we all tend to dress the nicest we can. Partially, it feels like we are being more reverent by looking nice and making an effort, but mostly we just want to show off how pretty we are. At least, that's my take on things. It may not be the best reason, but it's a reason. And at least (most days) I take the time to shower.

This weekend was no exception. I brought my favourite pair of shoes to wear on Easter Sunday. They are 4 1/2 inch black and white polka-dot heels. They have red soles and heel stems and they are the most uncomfortable things known to man kind. They are pure punishment from some shoe designer who hates all women but wants them to look cute while they writhe in agony. And they do. I may end up with bunions and crumpled feet and only be able to wear specialty shoes when I am old, but for now? I look awesome.

Grandma took note of my shoes when I returned after lunch. She mentioned how cute they were. I was surprised to hear it. She is so practical, I was sure she would disapprove of them just out of principle. She said she liked them quite a bit, but didn't know how I wore them. I took them off (happily - it had been 3 hours) and went downstairs to let the dogs out. When I came back up, I found Grandma.

Hands gripping the door frame with all her might, she was propped precariously in my shoes. Ky had convinced her to give them a try. Grandma is just over 5 feet and has teeny feet. I am one step away from needing to order my shoes from specialty shops for drag queens. She was so cute. She looked like a little girl playing in her mother's shoes.


  1. Ah, your grandma sounds very cute!
    Now I picture my grandma in a pair of shoes like that and realize that it had to make you chuckle a little too

  2. I can see it, and I am totally laughing out loud at work. Your grandma really is cute.

  3. Those are gorgeous shoes, and I wish you had posted a picture of your grandma in them.

  4. I love the mental image! And those shoes are to die for - totally worth any bunions or crumpled feet in later life!

  5. Love love love the shoes! Love the peep toe!

  6. Ky tried to get a picture of Grandma in the shoes, but was using a film camera rather than a digital and the pic didn't work. I was heartbroken. Now we have to convince Grandma to put them on again sometime!!


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