Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have a confession to make. It has come to my attention recently and I have been thinking about it quite a bit. I finally feel it is time to come clean.

I hate dumb people.

Really, I do. Not just like they annoy me or I wish they would be smarter, but I think less of them. As a general group, I feel dumb people are lesser people. And this is bad of me. I am aware. If I felt this way about a gender or a race, I would be a horrible person. Ok, I'm still a horrible person, but this isn't as socially unacceptable.

It's not the uneducated. I am fine with that. I have met plenty of people who have not had education that are some of the finest minds around. I'm not talking about the cognitively challenged. That's just blaming the victim and I have no use for that. And, I have no problem with people who are smarter at some things than others. If there is proof they understand something, I am totally okay with them. But there are some people...

It is people who just don't get it. That don't get anything. They look at you with a stunned look that says "my brain is handling all it can just forcing air into my lungs so please don't take me away from that process as I may turn blue".

Now, I'm not about to start my own support group or talk about herding all the dumb people to an island. (Although, really, how hard could it be? Throw something sparkly into the back of a truck and load'em on up.) I guess I am just going to have to learn tolerance. Maybe there is a seminar I can take?


  1. so I thought I would be funny & google "tolerance seminars saskatchewan" and give you a time & place... and the entire first page was about agriculture! Entries 1&2 were about a seminar on plant tolerance to cold & frost. *sigh* I miss the prairies. :)

  2. Thought I was the only one on this too - though you're a bit nicer, cause I'm all for rounding them up and puttin them on a island.

  3. You're not alone... nothing annoys me more than people who are just plain dumb.

  4. Your brother.13/03/2008, 19:34

    NIAVE, nuff said.

  5. Brother: You are an asshole. Do I have to say Spationwagon?

  6. See... thing is, I like sparkly things. I'd hop on the truck too, in all likelihood. Don't make me be on the island with the dumb people! Maybe bait the truck with Cheetos and Red Bull... or lottery tickets!

  7. Kate: we will make sure to double check before we drop everyone off just to make sure you aren't stuck there with the dumb ones.

  8. Wouldn't it still taste like shampoo??


  9. Sister in law: You deserve my brother!!


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