Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

This is the first New Years in 18 years I have spent not in church. Since I was 13, every New Years weekend (from 3 - 5 days) has been spent in North Battleford at a church retreat. I have never missed one before. This year I had hoped to go, but it was not to be. There were numerous things that kept me from going - having to get Dad and Tanya on a plane was the main thing, the dogs not having anywhere to go was the other.

Instead, I spent the evening at The Guy's home with 11 of his friends. It was fun - a jovial gathering of an odd mix of uber professionals and blue collar workers. I was terribly sick throughout, so sat cuddled on the couch in The Guy's wool socks and Cosby sweater (I will make that sweater "disappear" when I get the chance) and chatted with people. Champagne flowed, munchies munched, party hats perched and horns blew shrilly. I promised myself I would make it until 12:30 and that is what I did.

I had a good time and I was very glad to be with The Guy, but it was not where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in church, with my friends (and The Guy) where it feels like home to me. Now I am home alone with the dogs and I am lonely and a little sad I missed out on what celebrating New Years means to me.

For me New Years is about starting fresh. Starting with the hope of doing better, of being better next year. Sure it's also about stupid diets I will try for 2 days and then give up in exchange for a piece of chocolate I found in the couch cushions, but for the most part it's about the idea of the possibility of something fresh with no mistakes in it.



  1. I know what you mean about missing New Years camp... and I am glad Jill visited to keep me from being too sad... and I am REALLY glad that I am not the only person who's been going to YP retreats for 18 yrs! :)

  2. Speaking of Cosby sweaters, you should check out this chick's site. She's amazing, she's silly, she's my hero.


  3. I too gave up my New Year's tradition, but for the better. Hope the year gets better, even though it didn't start off the way you wanted!

  4. NCSteph: Yeah, it's not just you getting horribly old. It's an epidemic.

    SiL: Greatest website on earth. Seriously. Where did she find some of those!!

    Mandy Lou: Thanks! I am glad yours went well.

  5. I love it, I do the same with my diets!!!!

    I understand traditions and I am sorry that you couldn't be where you wanted to be. However that doesn't make or break your year!!!! Perhaps in a weird way this actually is your year. Your year to do things you never imagined you could do, cut through the tape. Maybe this is your year!!!!

    Anyway enjoyed the story, my New Years was uneventful. At least you ate munchies. I was too busy drooling by 10pm to even do anything.


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