Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is my cell my prison?

I have lost my cell phone. This morning I had it. It shrieked it's wake up call at me around 7:3o am. After a few minutes of thinking "What the heck is my phone doing that for on my day off?" I remembered my meeting in Toon town. I got up, carried my phone with me about the house and got ready for work.

Fast forward a half an hour when I go to look for my phone in the van on the way up to Toon. It's not in my purse. It's not anywhere. I check every pocket but it's not there. I panic.

I have no idea how to function without my cell phone. I don't even know my boyfriend's phone number. I can't call my sisters at work to make them check on the dogs at lunch. I can't call anyone or text anyone. I sat for the remainder of the trip like a junky looking for a fix. I can't tell you how many times I searched my purse in 3 hours.

Once I got home, I searched for it. It is fully charged and turned on. I called it. Nothing. I went through my car and called it. Nothing. I called work and asked them to listen for it. Nothing.

Somewhere between my house and goodness knows where I have lost my life line. And I think I might throw up.


  1. I don't have a cellphone. How do I get through the day? Uninterrupted. It's great! Oh, and I have a wallet phone list. That's for people I don't call enough to remember their numbers.

  2. Oh geez. I am CONSTANTLY losing my phone and it's usually on vibrate or silent since I sleep during the day. Makes it very difficult to keep track of. Plus, the worst part is, I don't have a land line.

    You'll have to send email beacons out like I do.

    Tip: Pray to Saint Anthony. He's the patron of lost things. My gramma used to make us do this when I was younger and I still do. I swear by the man!

  3. Further proof that, despite what some people say, I do not need a cell phone.

    Yay for Luddites!


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