Friday, December 07, 2007

51 x365: Ariann

Since I know she's not reading this right now (being that her computer is on the fritz) I feel free to talk all I want about her. She will stumble upon this later and be delighted.

Ariann. How do you describe someone who is pure joy and happiness? On our way to dinner with her tonight, I explained to The Guy she is the happiest person I have ever met. And yet, you don't want to hurt her because of it. She is just genuinely thrilled with every thing and every one.

She has a laugh like no one I have ever heard. It has woken me out of a dead sleep - even with my ear plugs in and an entire floor above her. She laughs like what she has heard is the funniest moment of her life. And, she truly means it. She enjoys.

And she tells you how great you are and how much she adores you. And who doesn't like that in a person??


  1. That laugh makes me love telling her stories. She laughs like you're telling her the funniest thing she's ever heard.

  2. Ariann is Satchel, or vice versa. She's wonderful!

  3. Yes, Ariann is pure wonderful-ness. It was always fun at university, when having a crappy day, hearing Ariann's laugh down the hall... You always knew your day was going to get a whole lot better.


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