Saturday, November 24, 2007


Normally, when you say "walk" in a house with dogs, there is mayhem. Grandma's dog Davy barks and barks and barks, tugs on your pants and growls. My old dog Dez used to dance around, wiggling uncontrollably.

In this house? Not quite the same reaction.

Montel happily goes to the front door and waits for his harness and leash to be put on. Vicki remains where she is and looks at you as though bored. Madison alternates between happily waiting at the door or going into her kennel and closing the door behind her, keeping it closed with her paw.

Madison decided to change it up this week.

I've been sick all week and completely useless when it came to taking out the dogs. The sisters and Dad have picked up the slack. The other night, Dad went to do the late walk and called all the dogs. Vicki went to my room and laid down. Montel went straight to the door and waited. Maddy... she disappeared. I checked her normal hiding spots and then did a grid search of the house. Finally, Dad went without her. The moment the door closed, Maddy appeared from the basement and settled in on my lap.

We still don't know where she was.

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