Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Midnight update

Okay, so it's more like 3:53.

Tanya (or, our mail order step mom) arrive today at noon. Almost 14 hours after the time she was intended to arrive. There were blizzards in Ukraine and delays in Toronto, so we had more time to prepare and less time to be awkward.

It has gone much better than I thought. When she got off the plane, she looked so pleased to see us. She told me I had lost weight (which is so not true. I told Lyn it's just that my body has gotten so much bigger, my face looks thinner.) and she told us about her trip. Her English is much better than it was, but we still struggle with communication.

The dogs remembered her instantly. They were thrilled to see her and Vicki spent most of the day scratching at her to be lifted on her lap or curled up around her shoulders while we watched TV.

Now, even though I had an extra half day, I did not finish cleaning. I left my bedroom and the spare room. I shut the doors and figured that she would not want to see them anyways. The first thing she did was go directly to the rooms I had not finished cleaning - the spare room and my bedroom. I told her I was so embarrassed, but at least the rest of the house was clean for her. She assured me it did not matter - from now on she would do all the cleaning. Um, yes please!

Then, after a house nap, she decided to make us supper. A chicken breast, some pasta, two potatoes and an onion later, we had the best soup I've ever had. It was spiced with dill and was so good.

I guess we'll keep her.

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