Monday, July 10, 2006

First the family update

It is true. Dad came home from Ukraine on June 20th and said "I've asked Tanya to marry me." To which I replied, "Who's Tanya?"

My father who insists on telling me everything (and please believe me when I say everything and be thankful I don't feel the need to elaborate) has managed to keep it quiet that he has been talking to this woman for over a year with the intentions of getting married. He has worked with her in Ukraine for years, she has been to Canada (even to our house!) and they have been courting for a year.

At first I was a little apprehensive. I always imagined my father coming home someday with a 25 year old he met at a strip club - saying "Mindy, these are my daughters." and then having her tassle fall off into the salad bowl. All I wanted when he planned to get remarried was for her NOT to be in my age group.

Then he showed us her picture. She's adorable.

She only speaks Russian (which is interesting b/c Dad only speaks English). She is Tatiana but Englishized is Tanya (pronounced TAWN- YAH) and she seems sweet. They have been dating with an interpretor (to which I immediately imagined how awkward a romantic scene would be) and emailing with the help of a translation program. We've emailed her as well and she seems nice.

They will get married in Sept or Oct of this year and that will be that. My responsibility in raising my father will be done! And, I get to keep the puppies when they are out of the country. Woo hoo!!

Now you are all updated.


  1. Holy crap. That sounds like the strangest dating setup. You'd almost feel like you were dating the interpreter.

  2. Probably all relationships should be conducted through an interpreter of some kind.

    Oh and double-stalking now? Statcounter too?

  3. I figure that them not being able to speak the same language is a good thing. They will both have to work harder to make sure they are understood. Although, for all I know, she thinks she agreed to a Time Life subscription.

    (And Statcounter was Schmutzie's suggestion, I'm seeing which one I like best and I'm comparing. I'm queen stalker, yo.)

  4. Holy crap, Bron. I can't believe you just said "yo" and said it well.

  5. Roger: You started it. I've just perfected it.

    Ky: I said it like Adam off of Joan of Arcadia. That's how I knew I had gotten it right. Don't worry. I'm still uncool.

  6. HA! I totally was like, "Dude, she totally said it like Adam from JofA."

  7. I love Adam from JofA. His character perfect. Until he cheats on Joan of course, but I didn't see that episode so I still love him.


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