Friday, November 16, 2007

39 - 41 x365: Back in the day boys

#39: Aaron A

I met Aaron in the 90s - when he wore over-sized pants, long hair (shaved underneath of course) and an attitude. He was pint-sized with a super-sized mouth. I tried to protect him from getting beaten up by my brother and his friends. It didn't work, but we became fast friends anyway.

In our twenties, his life went drastically in a different direction than mine. I visited him in prison for the three years he spent there. I never understood how he could have gotten to that point, but I don't think it ever dawned on him that things could have been another way.

#40: Ray

He had red hair. I always was a sucker for red heads. I'm not entirely sure if he ever knew I existed. He was tall and athletic and gorgeous. When I picture him, he is in a cream coloured fisherman's sweater. I have no idea why.

#41: A H

We were 15, sitting on the steps talking about dating and I mistook a hypothetical question as him asking me out. I turned him down but later asked a friend to talk to him and find out if he meant it. He told her he never did ask me out and never would have. Even though I hadn't wanted to date him, I was crushed.

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