Thursday, October 18, 2007

Worst hotel experience ever

I was in Saskatoon on union business yesterday. Because the meeting was over late and then there was supper, we were given hotel rooms. The union told us we would be at the Radisson - a nice and good place. We called them to sort out smoking (my coworker) versus non-smoking (myself) and was advised the reservations had not been made. And there are no rooms to be had.

So we call the union. Oops! They forgot. So, they advise we will be at the Bessbourough. Fancy, high class hotel built in the 30s. It's very impressive. I was thrilled. And then they called back. Guess what? That's right. No rooms there either. But, do not fear, we can go to the Confederation Inn.

Now, this puts me in a bit of a worry. Confederation Inn* makes me think we will be greeted by men in grey coats and long swords with Southern accents and grits. Being that I rooted for the North, I felt this would be awkward at best.

The lobby was much better than I was expecting. Until I noticed the sign posted that offered guests free shuttles to and from the Bingo Palace. This is not a good sign. We sign in for our rooms and are handed... WTF??... keys. Real keys. Like they used to use in the olden days. Not a good sign. You would think after this many signs, we would just sleep in the car.

We went to the room. And here is the list of the things I found there:
  • no soap
  • no shampoo
  • mismatched towels
  • mould on the shower curtain
  • hair that was not mine
  • no hair dryer
  • the electrical socket was falling out of the wall
  • the lamp could not be turned on but had to be plugged in and out of the falling out socket
  • the door had a push button lock and nothing else
  • we faced the back of a warehouse and a car wash
  • you could hear everything in everyone else's rooms
  • the bed squeaked even when you weren't moving
  • the mattresses were at least 15 years old
  • the room smelled like stale smoke
  • the bedspread had cigarette burns in it

There was more. It was a disaster. I slept two hours and my coworker did no better. We decided that if the union ever tries to pull that shit again, we are revolting against it. The only really good thing? Although inept, the staff was quite nice. I liked them.

*I looked it up. The Confederation Inn gets 2 1/2 stars on the rating chart. I have to say, that is generous.


  1. My worst hotel experience ever was on the way to (or from)St. Louis. This was the only time Maryanne and I got our own hotel room. The walls were so paper thin we could hear our Dad peeing in the next room hotel room over. I didn't sleep much at all because the exterior walls were just as bad.

  2. It's been a while since sonething here has made me gag. But I have a thing about hotels.
    I don't like them. Ever. Not even the nice ones. And the bad ones make me sick to my everything. But then I can't figure out how anyone is okay with sleeping in a bed that countless people have fucked in, peed in, been sick in, shit in and all the other unmentionable weirdness people do in places that aren't theirs or their responsibility to clean up. (Laugh all you like, but the more people who stay in a bed, the more likely any of the strange, weird, sick shit people do will happen there.)

  3. At the place that Janice mentioned, the sink was actually falling off the wall.

    But I think our family's worst hotel experience was the place where a.) it turned out that the room keys were the same for every room (we discovered this after someone accidentally let themselves into our room) and then b.) people in the next room (with paper-thin walls) were all talking like they'd busted out of prison.

  4. (We were really little when that happened; it was like our first time going to Oregon ever.)

  5. I would seriously need to sleep standing up, not touching anything. Or maybe in my car. EEEEEEK!


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