Thursday, October 18, 2007

24x365: Kyla

Even as a kid, she was very snotty. I never liked her. At 9 years old, she thought she was the greatest. Who has that kind of self-assurance at 9? Shouldn't you have to wait to be pompous until you accomplish something?

She made fun of me when I was 10 for not having my ears pierced yet. Like I was some backwater hick whose parents were siblings. I felt embarrassed for my naked earlobes and ashamed for my low brow ways.

I heard she is now married and has a kid. I kind of hope she gets fat.


  1. I kind of hope she gets fat.

    So do I.

  2. Thank you! That is very supportive.

  3. Did she make fun of you a lot or just the one time?

  4. I have no idea. I assume so. She wasn't very nice. The earring thing is the only thing that stuck with me though.


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