Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Like a good friend or a well-fitting bra

This morning, I was talking with crazybarefeet about the "committee" in our minds that tends to make us feel bad about ourselves - voices of old bullies, mean teachers and bad boyfriends. I was lamenting my ever growing waistline and the fact that my pants this morning had joined the committee. I put them on to wear for the second time ever and they would not do up.

me: Stupid pants. I'm going to make them into a purse. Purses are never anything but supportive.

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  1. Gah, I know! I hate the committee! They just won't shut up sometimes! And I agree: when pants are no longer supportive, they officially lose the privilege of covering my fine booty. I lack sewing skills, so I can't make them into purses, but they make good rags for rag-curls or scrubbing my bathtub. Take that, pants that can't contain my butt!


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