Wednesday, October 24, 2007

27 and 28 x365: Professor Daves

#27: Dave T

He encouraged me to see the world, not just as it is, but as it should be. He taught classes on social consciousness and responsibility. He taught about the justice system and what it was intended for rather than how it is misused. He encouraged my love for people who are society's lepers and suggested that the world would be better if we all accepted responsibility for each other.

#28: Dave G

The first day of class for Sex, Gender and the 1800s, he entered the room in a three piece suit, set his papers down and talked for 45 minutes without breathing. Half the class got up and left 2o mins in. By the end of it, there were 17 of us left. The second class, he entered wearing shorts, suspenders, a vest, sandals and socks. He stood on the table and taught - really taught. Later that semester, he told us all that the first class was just for kids who wanted to be in a class with "sex" in the title. The second class was for the ones who were really interested in history.


  1. Ha! You pulled out different Daves than I predicted.

    And I have no idea who the second one is (UofS?), but I love him. For the same reason, the prof of my History of Technology class assigns as his first readings a stack of really tricky theoretical papers. To weed out the students who think the class is about iPods. (This week my kids are reading about why the video phone was a failure in the 1960s! Interesting!)

  2. I like to keep you guessing. The second prof was with Luther College. Great guy. You would have loved him.


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