Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31x365: Uncle Dave C

He is my Dad's cousin. But I still call him uncle. Although, as I grow older, that varies. Sometimes I'm feeling very grownup and sometimes I feel affectionate and want to pat him on the head.

He is the cutest and silliest man ever. He has a shy smile and one liners you would never expect from him unless you knew him. Phrases like "I've got a trick bike" and "I'm the queen of fabrics" are not unheard of from him. Just being around him makes you want to grin like an idiot.

He's a good man. I don't think it would ever dawn on him to be anything else. He does what he can for whom he can because that's just who he is. He's been very sick of late and worrying us all, but he never complains and always has his sense of humour ready to be whipped out at the soonest opportunity.

I like him. He's my favourite.


  1. He's my favourite too!

    But we all know that Lynnie and babies are his favourite.

    (And now I'll bet Dad's feeling all embarrassed that we've all be talking about him on the internet.)

  2. Babies then Lyn are his favourite. My papa is precious. You forgot to mention how he never misses _Top Chef_.

  3. He's never going to talk to us again after this post and these comments. We're giving away all his secrets.

  4. Just you wait until I have a baby. He won't even know what to do, he'll be grinning so hard and raising his eyebrows so high!


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