Friday, October 19, 2007

25x365: Leesa

She was one of the cool kids at summer church camp. Best friends with the most beautiful, popular girls and dating the most sought after guys. Mind you, we were 13 and it was the early nineties, so standards were a little different then.

All the girls wrote each other after the summer (because in my day, that was what you did) and so I dutifully did the same. I changed my letters to look like hers and copied her phrases. It was quite sometime before I realized you couldn't even tell which letter the 'e' was. I liked her and wanted to be like her. I even sewed her a stuffed animal one year. (It was a chicken.)

Now, I look back at the girls I so wanted to be accepted by. Some are my dearest friends and some I couldn't be bothered with again. I wish I had been more comfortable as myself so I would not have had to try so hard to be liked by someone else.

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