Sunday, October 14, 2007

19x365: Marjory

To me, she is larger than life. I imagine her never being unsure of herself or self-conscious. In some ways, I really envy that ability. In others, I know I would never - could never - be that brave. Her favourite things to wear are animal print and things that are shiny. And she's the only person I know who can pull it off.

As I get to know her more as a woman and less as the mother of people I know, I realize that we have a lot in common. Bold and sometimes completely "out there". Saying things that we think (although mine are a little more... shocking). Caring a lot about people who we perceive as being in need.

She is a great lady and has meant a lot to me since Mom died. I have leaned on her in ways I would never allow myself to lean on others. She has filled a need I had for a strong woman of great comfort.

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