Friday, October 05, 2007

12x365: Elsie

Elsie is one of my favourite women. She is tough as nails and likes to keep people in line. She uses the excuse that she was a teacher, but I think it's just that she loves to tell people what to do. She was a teacher for years and then became a principal and now has a school named after her. She's semi famous and yet, to me, she's just Elsie. A lady from my church who is very tall, very career oriented and very strong. She is a definite role model.

Elsie is almost 6 feet tall with long legs and long, narrow feet. She never was ashamed of her height - in a world where most women are 5'5"- she stands straight and proud. In my eyes, her height was part of her power. Maybe that's why I have used that to my advantage too. She became a teacher and loved to spread knowledge to people. She's a great story teller and sometimes I imagine her classes being one long story time. Although, I imagine it was much more strict than that.

She has a no nonsense way about her. Some people cower to her will because she is so strong and confident. My mother taught me early not to be afraid of her. Mom said that people like that need someone to challenge them to keep them on their toes. So, just for fun, I tease Elsie when I can, be obstinate when it suits me and do my best to make sure that someone isn't just moving out of her way. I admire her a lot. I think that is why I love to torture her by pushing the envelope. I have a feeling that if I had been in her class, I would have spent a lot of time in the hall.

Elsie is a real example of the good a woman can do in and for the world. Elsie never had a family of her own - she still lives with her brother. She remained single her entire life. However, she doted on nieces and nephews and now great-nieces and nephews. She truly cares for everyone she has met and would do anything for you if she likes you. She is involved in the community, has a million friends and never sits around and feels sorry for herself.

But, if she did, she would never let that get out. She wouldn't stand for it.

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