Thursday, October 04, 2007

11x365: Laura

Full of teenage angst, she made me feel important because I was her friend. She was much cooler than me - of that I was sure - but hung out with me and a few common friends. When I think of the 90s, she is the epitome of the "Alternative" teen in my mind. Long dark hair, parted in the middle and covering her face like a veil. Chunky boots that laced up her leg. Skirts and flowing tops - all of them dark.

She was my ideal rebellion. She smoked and cursed and "hung out" and thought dark thoughts and read books my parents wouldn't approve of. She taught me bad jokes and explained things that I had never heard of. She is the reason I laugh when I think of the "You aren't here for the hunting" joke and the Cinderella joke. They are too vile to tell in good company, but I am still highly amused.

She was very unhappy back then and I wished I had been a better friend at the time. Although we lost touch after high school, we have since crossed paths and I think she has become an incredible woman - with a great sense of humour and a "Don't mess with me attitude". Today, that is my ideal rebellion.


  1. Okay, now I need to hear both jokes.

  2. I figured you would. I'll tell you.

  3. I know the first one but can't think of what the 2nd one would be.

  4. I'm still waiting to hear them...


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