Saturday, September 01, 2007

Friday Night Shots

As I walked the dogs last night (since this is what I do a good portion of the time, this is usually how my stories begin) I saw a very inebriated woman coming towards us.

It was 11:30pm.

She was stumbling and weaving as she came down the road. I pulled the dogs close to me - they don't like it when people make sudden movements as drunks are apt to do. Just as she was almost upon us, she tripped on a dip in the sidewalk and fell in the bushes.

Fell into the bushes. All that I could see of her was her arm holding her purse and both feet from the ankle to toe with her high heeled shoes dangling precariously. The dogs went mental. I reigned them in and carried on after she extracted herself from the bushes. She brushed herself off and carried on.

I imagine that wasn't her first bush.

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  1. You could start a new label called bush. Or maybe bushes would be better.


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