Monday, September 03, 2007

2 L of chocolate milk before bed is a bad idea.

Last night I had two of the most disturbing dreams of my life. I figure if they are in my head, they should be in yours too.

In my first dream, there was one scene where Brandy and Sinbad make out. They have a romantic conversation over a can and string telephone and Brandy crawls over the table to kiss Sinbad. It was like the worst sitcom every thought up by two drunk CEOs looking for the next Moesha.

The next dream started out bizarrely but took a turn for even worse - my dream warped itself into a porno involving Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. When I woke up, Snow White had taken her top off. I am just relieved I didn't have to see anything else.

Seriously, I'm still disturbed.


  1. what? snow white..does that mean you dreamt in cartoon??? that would be neat...

  2. No, that means I dreamt in naked cartoon.


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