Monday, August 27, 2007

Well, I had a good time

This weekend, The Guy and I took a trip to go visit my brother and his wife in Crimson Buck (tee hee). Because Ky is in Ireland, I had to recruit Lyn to take care of the puppies. You can read here and here and here to find out that she will NEVER do it again.

I had a great time, however. Totally worth the trip where I discovered that the brand new car I bought doesn't have cruise control. Totally worth the hours of endless driving over the most boring roads on earth. Totally worth the rain that caused us to drive the speed limit all the way home.

I had an awesome time. The Guy really liked my brother and sister-in-law and they really liked him. It was so good!!!! My brother liked a guy I am seeing!!!! And he liked my brother!!! Woot! Some people worry about what their parents will think about their choices in significant others. Some worry what their friends say. Not me. I worry if my siblings will approve. Pathetic, I know, but we all have our issues.

The weekend was spent with much eating, watching of TV and poker, afternoon group naps and the UFC pay-per-view match at the local "Wild Bill's Saloon". (It was much less "Wild Bill" and more like "Chubby and Adorable Asian Bill")

We had a blast - eating bad steak, great dry ribs and watching grown men beat the crap out of each other all the while looking like they were moments from making out or holding each other in a lover's embrace. Out of the 4 of us at the table, Mel won a hat, Grae won a T-shirt and The Guy won a mounted UFC poster. The Guy was uber pumped about the poster. A random guy from the table next to us offered to give him the grand prize (two tickets to a football game - Edmonton vs Calgary) in exchange, but he turned the guy down. Mel ended up trading the guy - his tickets for her hat and T-shirt. He agreed. Sweet deal!!

All in all, I had a wonderful time. I was nervous as all heck about the intros, but it went better than I could have imagined. And now, back to real responsibilities and real life. Boo.


  1. YAY! That's fantastic! I'm glad you guys had a great time and that the intros went well!

  2. Ok, so I'm catching up on the blog. This weekend was one of my favorite of all time. Whoot!


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