Friday, August 31, 2007

Possible misunderstanding

I have been having friends and family get birthday cards together for my Dad's 60th. I told everyone I would be sending the cards to Ukraine as a small care package.

This is what arrived from my uncle.


  1. Can I guess which uncle? Does he enjoy genealogy? Or does he make radio plays about lawyers and chickens?

  2. He makes plays. And writes letters. And sends articles and magazines. And doesn't take his meds apparently.

  3. Have fun doing the paperwork on the second mortgage so you can afford the postage.

  4. Now I really want to know what it is. Open it! Open it!

    I hope it's a bunch more tapes of himself talking about doctors and tumours on a man's tongue. Which Ky can then record over, with the sequels to "Good Wholesome Tunes".

    Also: I forgot to send you a card to send! There's no way I can get one there by the fourth, considering the fact that it's now the Long Weekend! Ack!

  5. Wait: I agree with Chris. I hope it's really a box of apples, which your uncle was trying to mail internationally.

  6. I NEED to know what is in that box! Come on open it!!


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