Wednesday, August 29, 2007

He behaved!!!!

Since I have been regaling everyone with Monty's horrible antics, I thought I would tell you that he listened. I almost threw a party for him. Don't worry, you would have been invited.

Today, we were all out on a walk in the back alley. Now, this isn't where I normally walk the dogs - back alleys are full of big mean dogs, fragrant garbage and serial killers - but I was throwing out something. Monty trotted up to me very pleased with himself and I knew he had found something he shouldn't have. When the other dogs find something contraband, they do their best to get as far from me as humanly (dogly) possible. Not Monty. He is pleased as punch that he is doing something he knows he shouldn't and feels he must share it with you.

Today it was a piece of chicken. This wasn't just a normal piece of chicken. If I had found it first, I would have eaten it. It was fried and glorious. And when I told Monty to drop it... wait for it... ... ... (I'm doing this just for Ky and her love of ellipses) HE DROPPED IT!

Mind you, all the while he looked at me with betrayal in his eyes as if to say "I am doing this because you asked me to, but I am so mad at you right now."

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