Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer loving, my ass

I can't say I have ever been the biggest supporter of summer. With exception of endless holidays and a free pass to eat ice cream, I don't have much use for it. And this summer? It is sucking my will to live. And believe me, I have a tentative hold on that will at the best of times.

This summer has resulted in horrendous heat waves, drenching sweat-filled humidity and no freaking air conditioning. And now, the whole city is sold out of A/C units and of fans. It is like an emergency state in our stink-hole of a city. The hospitals air conditioning broke down last week and they bought up all the A/Cs and fans that us poor peons normally would be panic shopping for at this moment. I am about this close to calling in the troops to address our municipal crisis.

I have had it. Give me a nice 16 - 20 degrees, some sun and a light breeze. Make it so I can wear capris or jeans, some cute shoes, a tank top and a sweater just in case. This is all I ask. Come on summer. You've overstayed your welcome like an unwanted relative. GO AWAY.


  1. Have I told you lately that I love you?

  2. What if you took a big old detour on your way to Washington and came out to stay with us for a few days first? Is that an impossibility?

  3. Gwen: no, you haven't. And frankly, I've been hurt by it. I was giving you the silent treatment, but you didn't notice. Thank you for saying so now. I forgive you.

    QoWP: Then I would be the unwanted relative!!

  4. No you wouldn't! You're very much wanted! And the coolish weather is calling to you!

  5. how bout
    summer, loving my ass


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