Sunday, July 15, 2007

House pictures

As requested and subsequently promised, I have pictures of my house. Not a lot of them actually - just pictures of the living room and kitchen because those are the only two rooms that are completely unpacked. I took pictures as I had an area clean. I figured if I waited until everything was all clean at the same time, we would all grow beards.

First picture is my piano. Actually, it is Lyn's piano. None of us can play it, but here it sits.

This is my leather rocker chair I "inherited" from my father. It is very comfy. Unless it is hot outside and you have bare legs.

This is the main wall of the room. Two bookshelves (which took me hours to set up the way I wanted) flanking the leather couch (see above comment about bare legs) and show casing my paintings. I'm happy with this wall. I had to take this picture twice because the first one had a clear shot of Maddy in the right corner licking herself most un-ladylike.

This is my front window. Here are the evil blinds that took me FOREVER to install. They are useless, but very pretty.

This is my kitchen. I think it's self-explanatory. However, feel free to let me know if you have questions.

And again. Another kitchen shot. I chose not to add anymore, because... who really cares?

That is all. More to come as I unpack. In about a year.


  1. The light in your kitchen looks like a skylight...which would be effing awesome.

    Happy unpacking!

  2. I haven't gotten the tour of their house yet, but I believe that looks like a "sunshine ceiling". A big box light loaded up with fluorescent tubes. My folks have one in their kitchen as well.

  3. KID: I wish it was a skylight. That would be awesome! However, 6 months out of the year it would be a snow-light.

    Jason: Come on over and I will show you both clean rooms. The rest will have to wait!

    Everyone else: I just noticed the picture of the front window is so dark no one can see anything. It was really bright when I took that picture. I will try again.

  4. Right now? It's 1:55 AM and I'm at work...oh well time for a break, see you in 10 minutes :P


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