Sunday, June 10, 2007

Miss Fix-It

I'm a home owner, right? I should be able to fix things. Put things in place. Hang things.

Here is how hanging my new bamboo blinds went tonight:
  1. Take blinds out of box. Knock over glass of water. Scare dogs.
  2. Clean up water. Check on dogs now hiding in bedroom.
  3. Open blinds to look for instructions.
  4. Read first note on instructions "do no open blinds"
  5. Note that drill is needed.
  6. Spend 10 minutes looking for drill.
  7. Give up. Use a nail and a hammer instead.
  8. Lift blind to window. Realize the curtains need to be taken off.
  9. Break curtain rod in attempt to remove it.
  10. Screw in hanging hooks.
  11. Hang blind. Realize it is crooked.
  12. Redo #10. Hang blind. Be very proud because it is perfect.
  13. Lower blind.
  14. Realize the curtain brackets make it impossible to lower all the way.
  15. Give up. Watch Hook.


  1. Horribly sexist comment warning:

    Why didn't you just have The Guy do it?

  2. QWP: I said the same thing when I saw it was on. Of course, I was alone. And said it to the dogs.

    KID: I thought of that. But he'd had a bad week at work and I wanted to be able to do it myself. Next time, he's doing it regardless.

  3. Everytime I read your blog I come closer to the realization that we're exactly the same person...which is sort of creepy but also good because if we were the same person I would have two cool sisters.

  4. That would be creepy if we were the same person. Of course, then I would be married to a hot foreign guy. Which would be okay. Trade you two sisters for a husband?

  5. Come on, you know you could never trade Lyn for a husband.


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