Friday, June 08, 2007

Two examples of why I am a dork.

I am an organizer and a planner. I love plans. Sketches, lists, maps, etc. I love them. I have been doing a lot of planning lately, so I am happy as a pig in mud. However, planning brings out my inner dorkiness. (I was going to say inner dork, but that could have been problematic.)

Reason number one why I'm a loser:

I have been planning on buying a car when I get things settled with the new mortgage and things. I will be in half the amount of debt and thus can do some things I have wanted to for awhile. So, I am car shopping. I am currently in the researching phase and here is what I've created.

Why, yes, it is a spreadsheet. From this, I created a system of check marks for things I liked about each. The top four in check marks are the ones I am going to test drive this summer. I have picked the Matrix, the Vibe, the Yaris and the Versa. It's going to be awesome.

Reason two why I'm a loser:

Now I have that decided, I moved on to my backyard. My Dad bought the house in November (well, I picked it out and he agreed) so we never saw what the yard was actually like. Imagine our surprise in the spring when the yard looked like it had once been covered in rock. Now it was a mix of rock and dirt with no real rhyme or reason. I talked to a neighbour who confirmed it. My yard had once been covered in rock but with no underlay. Then, when the weeds took over - as weeds are apt to do, the people rototill-ed it. Now, I have a mix of red rock and dirt. Every home owners dream. So, I made a plan.

Here is what my yard looks like now.

And this is what I want it to look like.

There is a place by the garage for my lounge chair. There are larger trees at the back for more privacy. There is a gate into the yard from the parking lane rather than having to go behind the garage and all the way around. There is another path through the yard - just for looks - and some rock around the tree that is there because there is nothing grosser than picking dead apples from the lawn. There are raspberry canes along the fence and pretty plants that you don't have to take care of and grow like weeds. It is all beautiful and I love it. It is WAY more than I can afford, but it is a plan. It may always remain that way, but that's okay too.


  1. Bronwyn, I think you're wonderful. :)

  2. Now I know where Lyn gets it from. And I thank you.

  3. Ari, thank you. I think you're wonderful too. And I am glad I can amuse you!

    NQA, actually, I can't take credit for it. While I am by far the worst of the bunch, my mother created these monsters.

  4. It took me a second to get what you were talking about at first. You've written that you're looking at buying a new can but it's not in the budget right now. I thought maybe you meant toilet. Silly me.


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