Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dog holidays (part one)

With the dogs at Grandma's for the last weekend of camp, I knew there would be trouble. And, indeed, they managed to find it. Now, they did much better than I expected, but still enough to cause me headaches.

The first day there, we weren't sure what to do with them. It was scorching hot. There was no wind, a strong sun and little shade to speak of. I took the dogs out and had them in the backyard. I figured that if I was watching them, they would be fine. If only. The second I had my back turned, Maddy found a hole full of stagnant water and dirt. When I found her, she had already laid down in the mud. Vicki followed suit shortly after. I think Montel just wasn't looking and fell in. Anyway, then I had three muddy dogs (who smelled like poop from the stagnant water) and no where to wash them off. I got them all harnessed and wandered off to find water. I found a tap against a wall and tried to use a bucket to clean them. That didn't work. So I tried to put Maddy in the bucket. She managed to hook her feet on the edge of the bucket and keep herself from going in. I'd had it after that, so picked her up and shoved her under the tap.

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