Monday, May 07, 2007

My poor tummy

My friend, Kelly, and I went to a charity event on Saturday night. It had a great buffet. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, salads, buns and the greatest desserts ever. I had three pieces of carrot cake, a huge piece of chocolate silk pie and some cheese cake.

The event had the funniest comedian I have seen in a long time. His name is Don Burnstick and I hurt I laughed so hard. His redskin jokes slayed me. I loved it when he told us not to worry because Indians don't scalp people any more. They realized that if they wait long enough, white people lose their hair anyway.

I had such a good time with Kelly. She abandoned me and our fair city awhile ago to counsel little brats in a small town. I am always thrilled when she comes to visit and especially when she brings her daughter. We had such a good time catching up and gabbing and gossiping. Of course, after the huge buffet where I couldn't fit another bite into me, we went for coffee. Which turned into tea, coke, onion rings and pizza bread.

That night I dreamed all night that I was throwing up. It was not pretty. And when I woke up, I wish I had! I'm not sure my tummy will ever forgive me.

Most people are hung over the next day from drinking too much. I find it amusing that I can be hung over from eating. Not cool.

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