Monday, May 07, 2007


I was talking to Grandma the other night. It was our usual conversation where she told me the same story three times and mentioned how she's praying I will find a husband. Then, as it usually does, the conversation turned to her dog, Davy.

She told me that he is getting very old. He spends most the day laying outside - in his own special box Grandma put out and lined with blankets and a pillow. When he comes in, just after supper, he whines to go to bed. Sometimes Grandma gives in and goes with him, sometimes he is on his own. She mentioned that this week he has been beating her to the room and taking her spot. He puts his head on her pillow and growls if she tries to move him. So, what does Grandma do? She got a new pillow and now sleeps on the other side.

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  1. hilarious!!! your gramma adores that dog!! You should start bugging your gramma about finding a husband now..see if she likes it!


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