Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unreasonable fears

I am afraid that while leaning over to flush, I will fall into the toilet and get my arm stuck in the bowl. My fear is not just that I will be stuck in the toilet, but that I will have to explain how it happened. Also, that no one will be around when it happens and I will be stuck for a really long time.


  1. All of a sudden my fear of bees seems completely rational, thanks for that :P

  2. I don't think that's unreasonable. It happens to me all the time.

  3. Ummm...I don't know what to say.

    I'm afraid of falling down the stairs...

  4. So how do you feel about reaching into the vending machine flap to retrieve your snack?

  5. Take a page from Homer Simpson...that didn't turn out too well for him!

  6. Oh, wait a minute...his problem was that he didn't let go of the candy.

  7. Yes, please for the love of heaven, let go of any candy found in a toilet, ok?

  8. what a great topic of conversation for your date tomorrow!!!

  9. Jason: Oh, I'm afraid of bees too. That's completely reasonable.

    Chris: See? I knew I wasn't the only one.

    Gina: But it is very likely you could fall down the stairs. It is highly unlikely I will be stuck elbow deep in the toilet.

    GwenIsuckandcan'tspellyourname: I am okay with that. It worries me sure, but I deal with it.

    KB: It's a promise. I will let go of all candy in the toilet. It only looks like tootsie rolls.

  10. Shannon: I missed responding to your comment. I will likely not discuss my more... "unique" qualities until further into the dating process.

    Gina: I always take my cues from Homer. He's a smrt dude.

  11. I know it's likely that I could fall down the stairs.

    That's what makes it so scary...

    I almost prefer unreasonable and unlikely fears (of which I have a couple) because then at least you can rationalize.

    Fears of possible things suck.

    And at least when you have unreasonable fears and you tell people about them...they at least get some enjoyment, right?

    I will never eat another tootsie roll.

  12. GwenIsuckandcan'tspellyourname
    Best spelling of my name, ever.


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