Monday, March 12, 2007

I have spent a large part of the day laying on the couch. My spine pressed against the cushions, my knees drawn up to my chest, my arms tucked against me. I'm not tired or sick. I'm hiding.

The contractor came today about the water in the basement, the sewer line that will need to be replaced and the sump pump. The guy was very kind and straight forward. He felt really bad about all the work I put into the house already because he had bad news. The re-grading we did last year will need to be dug up. $5000 put to waste. And now another $5000 needs to be spent.

The sump pump we have is about 30 years old. It's not doing its job right and that's causing a problem. The pit is too shallow and there is no where for it to go. The sewer line does need to be replaced as does most of the piping under the floor in the basement. The cement pad I put in the other summer will need to be cut up. The sides of the house need to be dug up and weeping tile needs to be put in. Everything I did that summer is completely useless.

He is coming later this week with a quote. The sump pump thing he can do in fairly short order and for less than a grand. So that is good. "Good" being a relative term. Like "unstable" and "paranoid".


  1. Oh jeez, I am SO sorry.

    Chin up!

  2. I'm so sorry...wish I could do something more concrete that feel bad. Maybe something good will happen to you to keep your universe in balance. For me it's appliances. Well and no deck and fence. But no more drier, no more dishwasher and now the fridge is dying. Because if you're going to buy one appliance, why not three?


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