Friday, February 02, 2007

That costs extra

I have seen the chiropractor 2 times in as many days. I can now move my head, but still cannot touch my chin to my chest. (yes, this is a necessity. Try and live without it) Nothing is moving and he got me a little freaked out by asking about fevers and such to determine if I actually have meningitis. I am sure I don't, but I have started to pick up the cold that Ky and Lyn had/have so I am feeling an extra dose of crappy.

I told my chiropractor that I am tempted to put him on retainer. He said that for a mere $20 thousand a year, I could have an entire 1/2 day to myself. And he offered, that if my back doesn't hurt, we can just go for coffee. I inquired if he meant he would also be my male escort (actually, I believe I called him a gigolo) but he said that might have to go up to $25 thousand. A bargain at any rate.

The last maneuver to try and get my neck mobilized was for him to cross my arms across my chest, put a board thing behind my back and lean on me with his entire weight. It didn't work, but it did open it up for me to be able to comment how I was glad that it was included in the price. He turned bright red and backed away from me quickly.

I have a feeling my neck appointment will not contain that particular move again.

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  1. Ooooh, you are mean to your poor chiropractor!! ;)

    (This is Jen. My computer won't let me log in. Something about cookie. I dunno what that is, I thought oneshould eat them...)


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