Thursday, February 01, 2007


At the moment, everything about me hurts. I slept for a few hours, but my neck has seized up now and so I think I may be done. The only position that doesn't hurt is to lay flat and try and make my shoulder blades touch. Not comfy, but at least not screaming in pain. I have had back pains all my life. I blame it all on child labour. I had a paper route from the time I was 10 until I was 22. When I was young (and therefore foolish) I thought I would save myself time by loading a bag on either shoulder and one on my head. I squished some vertebrae quite nicely and now see a massage therapist and a chiropractor at least two times a month. Sure glad I saved those few minutes back when I was 14.

I am tempted to wake up Ky and see if she has drugs left from her accident. However, it seems rude to wake her up in the middle of the night. Although, she did wake me from a nap this afternoon to help her write a resignation letter to a job she'd already quit, so maybe it's not so rude.


  1. Wow. You must have had a lot on your mind back then.

  2. Dude, that's rough. I thought I heard you blogging last night. If I'm ever asleep and you need drugs, they're in my purse at all times. Advil liquigels are the shit.

  3. Roger: ba-dum-ching

    Lyn: I needed drugs even better than Advil. I needed Robexecet.

    I have since been to the doctor and told to take drugs every 3 hours til tomorrow when my normal chiro can see me. Awesome.

  4. Hey, Lyn and Bron, you still live together right?

  5. yeah yeah. It's not like we're in the same room at the time.

  6. I was at work when I posted, silly.


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