Sunday, February 25, 2007

More warnings

I talked to Grandma last night. She was going out to a friend's and didn't want us to call, not find her home, assume she had fallen and could not get up, and then call the police.

During the course of our conversation, I mentioned to Grandma about how today is the first day of my vacation. I have 12 days off in a row. Grandma asked what I was doing for my days off and, foolishly, I told her.

Las Vegas! What on earth could you possibly want with going there?

I explained that Mel and I needed a vacation and there was great shopping to be had there.

Well, yes. But there is gambling there. And sin! Surely you won't be taking part in that!

I assured her I wasn't going to be taking part in anything untoward. I tried not to be specific. I didn't want to disappoint her. I told her about all the shopping, the sights, the fountains and gardens. And I told her about all the cheap buffets to be had - I know she can't resist a bargain.

After it all, Grandma acquiesced that I was old enough to go where I wanted to without getting into too much trouble. She did how ever suggest I not talk to any strangers that don't look like preachers. Her parting words were what slayed me.

Maybe you should just take your Scrabble board so that you and Mel don't have to leave the room.


  1. those cheap buffets? they sprinkle sin on their favours instead of msg.

  2. Those cheap buffets? Disappeared around the same time the mob left town. But you should have a good time none the less.

  3. Your family's warnings are cracking me up.

    There are cheap buffets still, but you have to hang out downtown (not the strip). Downtown is also where there's 5 dollar blackjack and penny slots and really, really old cocktail waitresses wearing the same clothes they did when they were 20 and is probably still run by the mob.

    I'm like Trent from Swingers. I hang out downtown because I "don't need any of that Pirates of the Caribean bullsh1t."

  4. I may try and avoid downtown nonetheless. I have promised I will not end up as a storyline for CSI.


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