Monday, February 05, 2007

I took a sick day today. I haven't taken one in ages, but yesterday I felt so crappy, the thought of work made me want to hide. Instead, I am in my housecoat on the couch willing myself to be better. The dogs have not been helpful. Monty was sleeping my my chest with his head on my shoulder and Vicki was sleeping on my right arm with her head on the computer. I finally pushed them off and now I am cold.

I need more pillows from the other room and another cup of hot iced tea (not the gross American kind, but the good kind with lots of sugar to make me feel better).

I'm kind of pouty when I'm sick. However, still not as pouty as my brother.


  1. Sick days are wonderful. I mean, the being sick part sucks, but the not wanting to go to work (or school, or whatever) and then not going....that's wonderful!

  2. If you call me before three thirty I can pick up what you need. Yes, I am going to a store anyway. Juice? Medicine? Ice Cream?

  3. Gina: I see you've come to the dark side. Welcome. I too love sick days. I especially love that I get paid to feel this crappy.

    KB: you rock, however, that is what sisters are for.


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